New Zealand 2012

Itinerary – this is where we’re going

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New Zealand


2 Responses to New Zealand 2012

  1. Martin W says:

    Auckland (Devonport, the big island volcano thing that wasn’t there 100 years ago!, Chinatown, ferry, jump off a tower/bridge), Napier (wine/eats, art deco), Hawkes Bay (more eats, wine, beaches, birds) Rotorua (Maori stuff, stuff on fire, big trees, waterfalls, white water rafting – you have to do this… off the Kaituna falls), Wellington (nicer than Auckland), Whanganui national park (rain forest that you can’t access by car – we took one of the three day canoe trips which was awesome – take camping gear!), oh, Lake Taupo – swimming, boats, waterfalls, good bars, big mountains etc. Drive up Ruhapehu too – awesome, again, was bad weather when we wanted to climb up…

    Wish I’d have: Spent more time in Wellington, tubed down the caves with glow-worms in, gone to bay of islands, that beach where you dig a hole and it turns into a hot tub due to hot stuff underneath, gone to the South Island (boo…), done the Tongariro Crossing (bad weather when we were there), gone up Taranaki, jumped out of a plane, jumped off a bridge, drank more wine bought more woollens(?)

  2. Ali says:

    Martin! Brilliant suggestions, thank you. A few of them are already on our list and it’s really cool to get the ‘wish I’d done…’ ones too. Definitely going to sit in a hole on the beach, might consider jumping out of a plane and that wine had better watch out ‘cos I’m coming to get it!!

    Thanks for the comment, hope you’re well. x

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