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Resolutions 2012

This year I will: Knit more – I have some little projects in the pipeline and would like to get a bit better at following (or creating) patterns and making clothes. Clear out the loft, sort out the house and … Continue reading

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Resolutions Revisited

Back in January I made a list of resolutions, things that I would do in 2011. I thought that it was about time that I took another look at them, sort of as an end of year review! Continue running. … Continue reading

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5 Things I learned this week

1. Don’t run 10k with sore shins. 2. Shin splints really hurt after you’ve made them worse by running on them. 3. Never look up your symptoms on the internet, it reduces rational, practical people to panicking idiots. 4. Not … Continue reading

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Run on (for a long time)

This week I’ve done a fair amount of running. In fact, I’ve run nearly 16k in the last 7 days and just over 20k if you include last Tuesday evening. Where I live is great for running routes. The river … Continue reading

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A little post about running

I’m feeling quite pleased with myself today. Last night I ran the furthest that I have ever run (in my life, ever). In the light of people who run marathons, half-marathons and so on it’s not such an achievement, but … Continue reading

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Champneys, Hammams and Massages

As a little winter treat I’ve booked a night’s stay at Champneys, Henlow. I’m really looking forward to a couple of days of exercise, relaxing and healthy living. The room was really cheap as I get a discount through my … Continue reading

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New toy!

Anyone who knows me will know that I love gadgets. Today I got a new one, a Fitbug. It’s basically a pedometer that measures how many steps I take in a day, in addition, it differentiates between normal and aerobic … Continue reading

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Last night Andrew and I ran 4.26k (or 2.65 miles in old money). We actually thought we’d done 4, but looking at it this morning I realised that we should have stopped earlier if that was the case. Oops! It … Continue reading

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