Monthly reading roundup – October


So many this month because I’m travelling!

The New York Trilogy, Paul Auster – Slightly postmodern New York detective fiction, could definitely do with a re-read!

Breakfast at the Hotel Déjà vu, Paul Torday – A ‘novella’, so a short and easy read. Holiday book.

The Sense of an Ending, Julian Barnes – Ooh, liked this one! Older gentleman looks back at his precocious youth. Lots about memory and how you edit your own story.

The Stranger’s Child, Alan Hollinghurst – Enjoyable read.

Half Blood Blues, Esi Edugyan – Amazing! Read it.

Less Than Zero, Brett Easton Ellis – It’s exactly what the title says it is, which I think is probably the point… Not totally sure that I enjoyed it but then I’m not totally sure that you’re supposed to.

The Waterproof Bible, Andrew Kaufman – Another holiday read, and a great one! A little bit unusual but great!

In Progress

A Man of Parts, David Lodge

Lonely Planet New Zealand Travel Guide

Downloaded and ready to go

The Siege, Ismail Kadare

A History of Modern Britain, Andrew Marr

And a whole lot more…

What are you reading now?

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2 Responses to Monthly reading roundup – October

  1. mouse@33 says:

    I can’t believe you have read so many books as well as the energetic sightseeing!

  2. A Modern Girl says:

    This is a great (and impressive) list! I read The Sense of an Ending earlier this year and really enjoyed it.

    I’ve been a busy reader this month, finished: A Book of Five Rings (Musashi), Tricks of the Trade (Becker), The Eyre Affair (Fforde), Lost in a Good Book (Fforde), The Well of Lost Plots (Fforde), Something Rotten (Fforde), The Rise of the Japanese Specialist Manufacturer (Evans), Great Expectations (Dickens), Franny and Zooey (Salinger), and The Girls of Slender Means (Spark). Currently working on Decision Points (Bush) and Chasing the Flame (Power).

    Are you on Goodreads, by the way?

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