The trip to Malacca gave Andrew and I a chance to play at being backpackers. We loaded ourselves up with our luggage, caught a bus from Singapore and negotiated the public buses and the Jonker Walk night market at the other end. Not only did this make us quite pleased with ourselves, but it also meant that we befriended a backpacker from New Zealand.

We were lucky, or rather we had planned well, so we were in Malacca on Friday and Saturday nights when Jonker Walk in Chinatown is shut to traffic and becomes a massive night market. The place is full of food stalls, which were amazing and incredibly cheap and there was a stage set up at the end of the road too. This seemed to be holding OAP karaoke on night one and a much more serious singing competition, complete with some huge trophies, on night two. It made for some brilliant entertainment while we were drinking beer at the hotel bar.

Curried fish balls

These were sweet ‘buns’ made out of waffle type batter on the outside with fillings of red bean paste and sweetcorn. The sweetcorn reminded me of the custard style filling that you get in doughnuts but it was still very odd to be eating something that we think of as a vegetable as a pudding,

Of course it wasn’t all eating a drinking In Malacca, there is also a lot of history in the town, with evidence of Portuguese, Dutch and English occupation as well as the beautiful Chinese temples. It was also one of friendliest places I’ve ever visited.

The Portuguese city walls, or what’s left of them. This is the gate that remains thanks to Stamford Raffles stopping the English from blowing them all up with gunpowder!

A beautiful Chinese temple.


The dragon at the start of Jonker Walk.

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