Singapore – day 1

I’m not 100 percent sure what to make of Singapore. The city’s business centre and the marina area are incredibly glitzy, but somehow lacking a bit of character. I felt much more excited by the hustle and bustle of Little India and Chinatown where we ate brilliant food and watched the world go by. The shops and stalls are much more fascinating than anything you find in any of the air-conditioned malls, which again don’t massively appeal to me.


We spent our first day exploring the civic district and the quays, which was a hot business so when we came to Raffles hotel we felt it would be a shame not to reward ourselves with a touristy Singapore Sling. I can completely see why Raffles is on the tourist trail, the building is beautiful and you can wander around quite a bit of it and look into the areas reserved for guests with envy!



We didn’t go into the long bar for our drink, instead we stayed in the courtyard, which was a lovely relaxing place to drink. We were really pleased with ourselves for doing this, as we poked our heads into the long bar later on and it felt more like a busy pub than a beautiful hotel.



We had fabulous street food on Smith street in Chinatown for dinner. The lanterns were all up for the mid-autumn festival and looked amazing! The food is all very cheap and the stands are brilliantly clean and have health ratings displayed so that you can pretty much eat anywhere without any worries. I had Singapore noodles which were amazing!


Our final stop was the marina bay area which is completely different at night and much more spectacular. All of our whizzing around was done on the MRT which is quick, cheap and air conditioned. We bought an ezlink pass at the start of our stay and I’d recommend that to anyone. What I wouldn’t recommend so much is the hideous jet lag that we both had on the second night of the stay…even after all of our sightseeing we couldn’t sleep. I suppose you can’t have everything!


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5 Responses to Singapore – day 1

  1. Great photos! I really like the building that’s on the first pic! 🙂

  2. mouse@33 says:

    Love descriptions and photos!

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