I ♥ New York – Part 2

My second full day in NYC began (after another diner breakfast) with a visit to Grand Central station and the New York Public Library. Both are iconic buildings and it was brilliant to see them in reality rather than on film.

The weather was amazing again and just perfect for a trip up the Rockefeller centre. I’d been tipped off that this, rather than the Empire State Building, was the best place to view the city and the view from the top was just amazing. Being able to see the Empire State building as part if the view, rather than being in it was pretty spectacular! There are three different levels at the top of the center and the views only get better the higher up that you go.

We stopped off at the Magnolia bakery on 5th to pick up a couple of cheesecakes and headed on the subway up to Central Park. After refuelling on cheesecake we wandered through the park to the Metropolitan museum of art and the Guggenheim Museum then made our way back to the John Lennon garden. Feet aching, it was time to get back on the subway and grab a quick shower before finding some food.

This time we stayed quite close to our hotel and ate Korean dumplings and Bibimbap at Mandoo bar. The food was fantastic and my first Korean dining experience!

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