Knitting Projects

Well, I finally finished the blanket that I was making for my bed (see last year’s resolutions). It’s just wide enough to go over your feet, but needed to be long enough to fit our euro-king-size-bed (knitting it was the only time that I’ve wished our bed was smaller). I was pleased with the result, but really wished that I’d spent a bit more money on my wool. The stuff I bought was a little too high in acrylic for my liking but or my first attempt at knitting I didn’t want to spend too much in case I gave up halfway though. As it turned out, I was much too stubborn to give up!

Anyway, I decided that I needed some new knitting projects which were a bit fancier and which would (hopefully) take less time than my blanket knitting did. To that end I purchased 2 knitting kits online, one for a hat and one for socks.


The hat is kiwi green and the socks are multi-coloured and both wools are super-soft: merino and kid mohair for the hat and pure merino for the socks. Each kit came with a pattern, needles and the wool which seemed like a nice simple way to get started. 

 Two weekends later and the hat is finished, it isn’t perfect, but I’m pretty pleased with it as a first attempt. I’ve also just started the socks which are worked on double pointed needles which I haven’t used before. I’ve managed the ribbing for the cuffs so far, but reading ahead the instructions for the heel look a bit scary!

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One Response to Knitting Projects

  1. Georgina says:

    PICTURES!!!! We need pictures of the hat 🙂

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