Resolutions Revisited

Back in January I made a list of resolutions, things that I would do in 2011. I thought that it was about time that I took another look at them, sort of as an end of year review!

Continue running. The good news is that I did pretty much manage to keep resolution number 1. I was going out for a run about 3 times a week from the start of the year up to the 10k Race for Life that I ran in May. Unfortunately my running stalled a bit when I injured myself, but I have been going back out recently which is really pleasing. When I was injured I ended up cycling which, despite living in Cambridge where everyone cycles, I had never really got into before. I also took up kettlebells and ashtanga yoga so I’m cross-training a lot more then ever before.

Finish our bed blanket and knit a baby blanket. The knitting resolution. I must admit that I had to abandon the blanket that I was knitting for our bed for a little while, but this was to make sure that the stripey cotton baby blanket that I knitted for my sister’s baby was ready in time for him arriving in June. I was really pleased with the result.

Pick up my pencils and get drawing again. I actually didn’t end up doing this at all. One to carry over to next year perhaps.

Blog every week. Well, I have to admit that the blogging hasn’t always been once a week, but I’m still here and trying to keep posting.

Go on a cruise. My friend is getting married during a cruise at the end of the year, so Mr M and I will be joining her sailing round the sunny Canary Islands. Happily this is all booked and all that’s left to do is to count down to the big day.

Get the stairs decorated and try to do a bit more to the house. Save up to pay a big chunk off the mortgage. The good news is that we painted the stairs wall white. I had thought that we wouldn’t be able to do it as the wall goes up so high, but we managed to reach. Although the woodchip wallpaper is still in place, the clean white paint has really refreshed the space and is much better than the sickly yellow that was there before. As for the mortgage, I have been saving away and I’m actually hoping that we may well move somewhere larger sometime soon.

Drink water, take my vitamins and get my 5 a day. Eat fabulous food and drink great wine. Yes, and yes (including my fist visit to a Michelin starred restaurant – when can I go again?).

Plan our next big trip. Not yet, but I’m sure I will soon!

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One Response to Resolutions Revisited

  1. mouse@33 says:

    Gosh you have done really well to keep up most of your resolutions. The baby blanket is sensational!

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