Settle and Malham

Well, I’ve been very slow at writing about our few days in the Yorkshire Dales, but at long last here are the posts…

After York, Mr. M and I drove over to Settle for the final few days of our holiday. We stayed at Settle Lodge, a very nice B&B with a great view, clean rooms and yummy breakfasts. Settle was a great base for us not only because of its location, but also because The Lion at Settle has a really nice menu and there are quite a few other places to eat in the town too.


On our first day we walked from Malham village up to Malham Cove and across the limestone pavement above.

Then we walked down from the pavement to take a look at Goredale scar. I certainly wasn’t brave enough to try scrambling up the path that runs beside the falls, I had the convenient excuse of my sore leg but I’m not convinced that I would have managed it even in full heath!

After a quick lunch stop we walked back towards Janet’s Foss, named for the queen of the fairies who lived behind the waterfall. Then we walked back along the valley towards Malham.

On the way we came across a fallen tree into which somebody had driven lots of different coins. I’m really not sure why, so if anyone can shed any light on it please let me know in the comments.

We managed to make it safely through a field of feisty bullocks and arrived back at the village where we encountered Malham safari. This was a slightly bizarre festival which seemed to involve setting up animal figures in various scenes based loosely around the theme of music (although I think the themes vary from year to year)!

We didn’t know who this little fellow was, but boy did we like his style!

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3 Responses to Settle and Malham

  1. Andrew says:

    Perhaps they were trying to grow a money tree 🙂 On a more serious note, having done a quick search on the web some people think it’s something to do with giving an offering to the Fairy Queen, others say that it’s a way of killing the stump by using the copper coins, who knows?

  2. George says:

    Great climbing at Malham Cove! I really want to go there but I think it would be too hard for me! Good to see you updating again – think I am long overdue too. What happened to your leg? Hope all ok! PS Great news – I’ve exchanged on the house at long long last!

  3. Ali says:

    @George – Great to hear from you and brilliant news on the house! Get your blogging hat on 🙂 (I can’t talk, I have had a bit of a break too). Leg’s getting much better thanks, hope you’re well.

    There were people climbing at the cove when we were there – it looked pretty scary, but I’m not that good with heights.

    Look forward to a post soon 😉

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