Just as I always suspected…

I love a glass of wine: red, white, sparkling or desert (since I was introduced to the delights of ‘sticky wine’ by our waiter at Hotel Tresanton). I am not, however, a connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination. I have dabbled with virgin wine boxes in the past, but now I mostly buy my wine from a supermarket. I know what I like to drink at home and I can happily source a nice bottle of Chilean merlot from my local Tesco (Isla Negra Reserva, if you’re asking or buying!).

In a restaurant I’m more than happy to choose some wine to go with a meal and fairly consistently Mr. M and I end up with something that we both enjoy and that goes well with what we’re eating.  If we fancy something different we’ll ask the waiter, or the sommelier if we happen to be in Hotel du Vin. Usually their recommendations are great, especially if you can tell them what you usually enjoy.

Although I like the idea of knowing more about wine, I’ve always been a little bit sceptical about the concept of wines which sell for hundreds of pounds. Could they really taste so much better than the wine that I enjoy? Even if they did, would I be able to taste the difference? According to this article, it would seem that I needn’t worry – nobody else can tell the difference either!

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3 Responses to Just as I always suspected…

  1. I’m no wine connoisseur either. I’ve been on a few wine courses when I went travelling. I can never taste the blackberries, although once I did taste chocolate…

    I was watching a programme on BBC 2 on what food is made from – red colouring for example, is made up with crushed up beetles. Nice. Anyway, they were saying the appearance can influence what you can taste. They coloured white wine with red food dye. All the wine ‘experts’ thought it was red wine. None of them told the difference!

  2. Ali says:

    Oh, interesting! 🙂 I think smell has a big impact on how things taste too.

  3. Andrew says:

    Right now I’m drinking a large glass of white Pinot Grigio, a real departure from the norm and I’m rather enjoying it.

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