Sunday in Norfolk

Having had a lovely, freshly-cooked breakfast at our B&B, Mr M and I decided to get on the Norfolk Coastal Path and walk over to Weybourne. We’ve walked quite a few sections of the coastal path in the past, but not this one. One of the reasons for going to Weybourne was that we could get on the North Norfolk Railway back to Sheringham once we had finished walking. We stopped off at the station to make a note of train times before we set off and discovered that they had a vintage bus weekend going on as well, so we had loads of options for getting back.

The weather was beautiful again on Sunday, bright and sunny and a lot less windy than it had been the day before. The coastal path has great views as you as you leave the town, then it drops steeply downwards between a golf course and the beach.

It soon levelled out and it was an easy ramble over to Weybourne and the station, which has been restored in the style of the late 1900s and is just like a film set, complete with piles of monogrammed luggage, old bicycles and Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway tan and cream paint.

We sat in the sun, ate cake and watched the diesel rail buses go by waiting for the steam train to take us back along the coast.

The final stop on our tour of Norfolk was Wells-next the-sea. I think the beach at Wells is my favourite. It’s a huge expanse of sand and you can walk along it for miles. We parked at the beach and were really impressed by the newly renovated refreshment hut and its Cornish pasties. Then we set out along the sand in front of the beach huts for a walk. The beach was full of families and sunbathers, but a quick walk took us out onto a much more secluded area. I love feeling as if you are the only people on the beach. This time it was an easy walk out but much harder-going walking into the wind on the way back.

We were pretty exhausted by the end of our walk and duly headed for home feeling like we’d squeezed as much as we possibly could out of our weekend.

All photos by Mr. M
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5 Responses to Sunday in Norfolk

  1. Those are just stunning. I love the coastline.

  2. Andrew says:

    I’d agree, Wells really is a nice beach and I love the fact that you can walk for miles. We should try starting a few miles up the road at Holkham some time.

  3. K says:

    So beautiful! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

  4. George D says:

    Such great pics! I had a BF who lived in Wells-next-the-Sea…. We went out for eight months and saw each other eight times!!! Young love, eh!?

  5. Ali says:

    They are great pics aren’t they? I can’t take any credit for them, unfortunately… Andrew (Mr. M) took them and I just stole them! 🙂

    It is beautiful round there.

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