North Norfolk

Having failed spectacularly on my ‘post a week’ challenge for a while, I’m going to make it up by posting a couple of entries about my weekend on the North Norfolk coast.

It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that we’ve had some unseasonably beautiful weather over the last few days, and because of that Mr M decided that he would organise a little trip to the North Norfolk coast for us.

We set off bright and early on Saturday morning and drove up to Cromer. It was beautiful weather but incredibly windy so after having a little walk, we sought out a sheltered spot on the pier and sat there until I got food envy and had to go and find some crab to eat.

There were quite a few families catching crabs off the pier and one group of small boys were quite perplexed when their mum told them that we were eating crab. I don’t think that they had really worked out that the things that they had in their bucket were for eating – cue a fair bit of curiosity and crowding round our lunch!

Our next stop was Sheringham, where Mr M had booked the B&B. As the tide was out when we arrived, we had a lovely long walk along the sandy end of the beach. After battling against the wind for the whole outward leg, the return journey was a bit of a relief.We also encountered Dr Geebers making pebble sculptures at the other end of the beach. He has been walking clockwise around the pebble beaches of the UK since 2009 creating sculptures to raise awareness of homelessness and to get his life back together.

Then it was off to The Sundeck which turned out to be a lovely B&B, with friendly owners, a bright, clean room and a really nicely-cooked full English breakfast.

A few pints and some fish and chips at the Windham Arms finished off the day and we went to bed tired, full, sunburnt and happy!

All photos by Mr. M
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8 Responses to North Norfolk

  1. George D says:

    I’ve been neglecting my postaweek too. Sometimes real life takes over a bit doesn’t it! Your weekend sounds lovely though. I was especially interested to hear about Dr Geebers. Hope you’re well!

  2. Keir says:

    Great post Ali, will make sure to share it with our visitors. Love the images looks like you had a great day weather wise.

    Not been to the sundeck before will make sure to check it out

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  4. Ali says:

    @George, yeah it’s hard to find a moment to post sometimes. I’m very well thanks – I liked the sound of your weekend too. Any news on your house?

    @Keir, thanks for reading and commenting. Look out for installment 2, coming later today.. The sundeck was lovely – just what we needed after a long day at the beach!

  5. Andrew says:

    Lovely post darling, it really captures the feelings from the day. The link regarding Dr Geebers was really useful and it was nice to be able to read more about him and what he’s doing. The photos look great and I appreciate the positive feedback, thanks @Keir! I look forward to reading about the Sunday.

  6. I remember when I lived in Cambridge being amazed at just how much Norfolk and surrounds had to offer. So many seaside places of varying sizes and lovely scenic spots along the way too. Thanks for sharing (and great photos, Mr M!).

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