Day off

This week spring really arrived in Cambridge. The sun shone, the temperature rose and the blackbirds that nest in our garden have been digging up the lawn and flower beds looking for worms. At work, the hares have been racing around outside my window and I’ve seen the green woodpecker almost every day.

It was a great week to have a day off work. After a late-ish night of bowling, dinner and cinema on Wednesday Mr M and I wandered into town along the river. Cambridge is particularly beautiful in spring and at the moment the riverbanks are covered in daffodils and the trees are in full of bloom.

We ate sushi in the sun outside Kings College Chapel, went to the park, drank red wine and ate medium rare Chateaubriand. In the evening we went to Ed Byrne’s show at the Corn Exchange, entertaining but not as laugh out loud funny as some comedians I’ve seen. All in all it was a great day off.

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4 Responses to Day off

  1. Sounds very idyllic, with the hares running past, woodpeckers and blackbirds looking for worms. I haven’t seen Ed Bryne live. Would he be worth seeing?

  2. It’s days like that that I miss Cambridge. Such a lovely place to be in good weather.

  3. Ali says:

    @teacupandcake – it does sound nice doesn’t it? I’m very lucky with where I live and work. Ed Byrne was definitely worth seeing, but I saw Dylan Moran, Chris Addison and Rob Brydon recently and I just preferred them… a personal thing I suppose.

    @lefrancophoney – yes Cambridge is at its best in spring and summer – you should arrange a visit! 🙂

  4. It also helps when the weather is so nice 🙂 I saw Jimmy Carr a couple of weeks ago. He was quite funny, although the crowd let him down.

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