Weekend in Brighton

Last weekend Mr M and I visited my sister and brother in law in Brighton. As always seems to be the case the weather wasn’t fantastic, but we still made the most of the city’s eating and drinking opportunities.

First up, on Friday evening, was Ten Green Bottles. This is a wine shop and tasting room where you can buy and consume a great selection of wines by the bottle or by the glass, with glass sizes ranging from a tiny taster to huge. We were lucky enough to get a table and seats in the window and we made short work of some glasses of red wine, a bottle of red wine, some almonds and some olives. So far so good!

After a wet Saturday morning spent relaxing, we ventured out to the Lanes and dropped by Angel Food Bakery, which you might remember we visited during our last Brighton trip. Looking back at my last Angel Bakery post I was amused to find that Mr M and I had chosen exactly the same cakes as last time, only the other way round. This time, he had cookies and cream and I had devil’s food with peanut butter frosting. My sister kept it simple with chocolate and, because BIL was working, we got a white chocolate to go.

The final stop on our culinary tour of Brighton was Planet India, a vegetarian Indian restaurant. Unfortunately they don’t have a website, but the food was brilliant and excellent for sharing. We started off with Dhai Bhel Puri, described below…

It really was a taste sensation and even better accompanied by samosas, papads, various pickles and ketchoris, which are along the same lines as samosas only round and filled with spicy peas and coconut. You can order half portions of the main dishes to get a bit more variety and with four sharing we managed to sample a good selection of the curry dishes, namely masoor dall, sweetcorn and patra, black chick peas, spinach and paneer, and peas and paneer. The cumin rice and onion parathas were a great accompaniment too. You know you may be over-ordering when the restaurant owner actually tells you that you’ve ordered enough. You know that you’re a bunch of piglets when he comes over at the end of the meal to congratulate you on your eating abilities. I had a sneaky suspicion that the staff may have been placing bets on how much food we’d leave. The correct answer was… none! It was such a lovely meal, a great atmosphere and really great value for money too. Highly recommended – yum!

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2 Responses to Weekend in Brighton

  1. George says:

    Can’t get much better than good wine and good food! If you liked that food you should try this place if you are ever in London http://www.woodlandsrestaurant.co.uk/ More veggie South Indian food – amazingly tasty! It’s my fave place to eat and I can’t recommend it highly enough!

  2. I love Brighton. I live about 40 mins train journey away, so have shopped my way around the city. Plus my friends live 10 yards away from Angel Food Bakery. Loving the cupcakes there! Will definitely check out Ten Green Bottles and Planet India the next time I’m there. Sounds like you had a great time!

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