Champneys Henlow Grange

Last Friday, I went to Champneys for a night. It was the first time that I’d been to a spa like this so I was looking forward to it, but wasn’t sure quite what it would be like.

When I arrived I found out that my room had been upgraded and that I was staying in the main house, in a huge twin room complete with a chaise longue and a chandelier. I think this was probably because it was really quiet on Friday.

After having a tour, I went for a run and then tried out the steam room and bubbly pool. I went to a stretch and relax class and then had my body radiance treatment. This was a body scrub, moisturisation and then a fantastic back massage. I hadn’t realised how tight the muscles in my back were and this really helped. After a bit of chilling time, I had dinner and that was Friday!

After breakfast on Saturday I had a 25 minute massage, which I hadn’t realised came as part of my room rate. It was a nice surprise when I saw the massage on my schedule and the therapist concentrated on my legs and arms as I’d already had my back done. Yoga next – I haven’t been to a yoga class for quite some time and I was surprised how good it felt and how well my body seemed to cope. Then it was time for a facial, complete with hand and head massages. The afternoon was spent relaxing and as my feet were feeling sad and neglected compared to everywhere else, I finished off with a pedicure before I went home.

All in all I had a fabulous time. I left feeling totally spoiled and soft, soft, soft all over! My only criticism would be that the food (and dinner especially) wasn’t really all that great, more conference centre standard than restaurant standard. However, the therapists and treatments were all wonderful and it was lovely to have the classes included too. I’ll definitely be saving up to go back.

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