Champneys, Hammams and Massages

As a little winter treat I’ve booked a night’s stay at Champneys, Henlow. I’m really looking forward to a couple of days of exercise, relaxing and healthy living. The room was really cheap as I get a discount through my health insurance plan and I’ve booked a couple of treatments too. I’ve chosen a polish and purify facial which promises me clean, smooth and luminous skin. It also includes a hand and arm massage and a neck and shoulder massage which is a bonus. As far as body treatments go I’ve booked ‘body radiance’ – basically a scrub and a massage. I’m also looking forward to getting in the gym, and doing some yoga.

Up to this point my best spa experience has been at Les Bains de Marrakech where Mr M and I went for a hammam. It was such a beautifully decorated building, hidden away from the busy streets in a little alleyway in the medina.

The Hammam involved a steamy room and a traditional body scrub with black soap and an exfoliating glove. They aren’t gentle about the process either, afterwards I felt like the entire outer layer of my skin had been removed leaving only baby softness behind. After the treatment we were given a chance to relax in the courtyard.

It was lovely to be able to afford to have a private treatment room and I think that if we’d realised how great it was going to be then we would have gone at the beginning of the week as well as the end.

We didn’t learn from our mistake though, when we went to Thailand last year we waited until our second to last day to try out the beachside Thai massage. Again it was a great massage, and really cheap and we wished that we’d gone every day. Note to self: try things out earlier on next time!

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3 Responses to Champneys, Hammams and Massages

  1. Wow, these experiences sound like absolute heaven, although I’ve always been a bit afraid of the traditional Thai massage. Before I put it off again, I’m going to make a resolution to go to the spa town close(ish) to where I am this summer for a weekend of indulgence.

  2. Sounds great. Very jealous. I’ve always meant to book a spa day/night, but have never got around to it… yet. Could do with a bit of de-stressing!

  3. Georgina says:

    Sounds lovely. I hardly ever treat myself like this and every time I do I think I should do it more often! Have a lovely time!

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