Blogging Buddies

As part of the post a day/post a week challenge wordpress have come up with the idea of bloggers pairing up as buddies. The idea is that you offer support, encouragement and comments to your buddy and that they do the same for you in return.

I think this is a great idea. I enjoy writing, but I enjoy it much more when I know that there are people who will read it. I’m always really thrilled to get comments on my posts and I love seeing my blog stats graphs go up!

I’ve already discovered some great new blogs to read and I’m looking forward to keeping an eye on what each person is doing. Check them out:

Flow is written by George and covers her travels; her climbing; Tess, her nutty dog (often); London with all it’s good and bad (think commuting and working behind a desk too much); and her endeavours to be greener, to stop hoarding, to live more sustainably.

Teacup and cake is a great blog name. Apart from a shared interest in cake and running, there are some great photos on the site too!

Kristi over at A Modern Girl blogs about travel (primarily in Japan) and the trials and tribulations of being a Ph.D. student.

Lizán Maree is in South Africa and blogs about experiences in her life, her thoughts and her travels at Snapshots.

Having looked at their great blogs, I’ve already realised that I’m missing an ‘About me’ page, so that’s one improvement I can make straight away.

Hello and welcome to anyone who has come here via the post a day site. Good luck with your blogs in 2011! I’m really looking forward to reading and commenting (as well as writing) a bit more so if you like the blog please sign up and I’ll do the same.

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11 Responses to Blogging Buddies

  1. George says:

    Great point about receiving comments – at least you know you’re not writing into a void! I’ll be following your blog to see how I can improve mine :o) This week I’ll br writing about my ‘little’ sister who is about to turn 30!

  2. alisonmlea says:

    I’ll look forward to reading that! I read quite a few posts on your blog today and really enjoyed them, you have a great writing style.

    • George says:

      Oh – thanks! I need to sort out my avatar. Can work out how to change it from that green aquare event though I’ve uploaded a picture of me to the gravatar section. Strange…

  3. I’d like to become one of your blogging buddies too perhaps 🙂

  4. jmb says:

    Hey, if you don’t have enough buddies already…

  5. Just seen your post. Am so rude. Sorry! Thanks for the mention. Glad you like my blog name. It did take me a little while to dream that up. And thanks for the big up for the photos 🙂

    You’d be please to know that I’m up to run number 12 tonigh- 4.12 miles, 45 mins. Yay

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