Beautiful Bath

Neither Mr. M nor I had been to Bath before and we had a lovely 2 days exploring the town. The weather was perfect, not too cold and mostly bright which let us get on with what we like best – wandering around, seeing the sights and eating and drinking.

Bath has some fabulous buildings, on Saturday we walked from the assembly rooms to the circus (no elephants) and then on to the royal crescent. The abbey in the centre is beautiful, particularly the colour of the stone as the sun sets and the roman baths were certainly worth a visit (especially as we got 2for1 with Mr. M’s rail ticket). The only thing that we didn’t manage to do was visit the Thermae spa, but I’ve been promised a second visit again to do that, which I’ll look forward to.

We also had a fabulous dinner at the river cottage canteen (see here), tea and cake at the Boston Tea Party and coffee, carrot cake and Bath pies and pasties sitting outside in the sunshine.

Oh, and according to the fitbug we walked 16k on Saturday and 11k on Sunday – not bad going!

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One Response to Beautiful Bath

  1. George says:

    You should definitely go to Thermae Bath Spa – it’s so great. Try to go in the late afternoon if you can and watch the sunset from the outdoor pool on the roof – magical!

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