Bill’s produce store

Bill’s produce shop is near to the north Laines in Brighton. After a soaking wet walk, we were shown to a comfortable table in a room that is more farm shop than restaurant. The menu is equally rustic, with lots of simple salads, stews and hearty dishes. With some olives and Chilean Merlot on the go, I ordered the beef lasagne. This was a bit of an unusual choice for me, but seemed appropriate comfort food to have on a wet and miserable evening. When it came, it was topped with a crispy parmesan crust and some nice peppery rocket. The sauce wasn’t over-loaded with too much beef which let you really taste the tomatoes. One of the great things about the desserts was that you could go and look at them before you chose which one you wanted. Seduced by the yummy looking fruit on top, I chose the baked cheesecake. It was very filling and had quite a pronounced cheese tang which helped cut through the fact that it was really very rich. All in all Bill’s was perfect – friendly, homely and a haven from wet, windy Brighton.

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