Looking back

After having been back at home for nearly a week I felt it was time to reflect back on the trip.

In total we drove 1893 miles through the states of California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona. We were lucky enough to experience fabulous cities and natural beauty that was far more spectacular than I ever anticipated. It was a fabulous holiday and I’m so glad that we went (which really only happened because of the wedding).

America has its fair share of little idiosyncrasies which made us laugh when we were there: huge RVs (towing big SUVs); lazy driving (automatic cars and cruise control); tiny towels; soap instead of shower gel; and the meals (which mainly consisted of food that was rich/processed/very salty/very sweet/very salty and very sweet, and which was generally served in massive portions). It also had lots of things that I loved: polite people (most of the Americans we encountered have great manners); strangers who smiled and said hello (especially when out walking in the national parks); brilliant staff in the hotels and parks (yes, you tip them, but they were really friendly, helpful and knowledgeable); the sheer lunacy of having somewhere like Vegas right in the middle of the desert; and the cleanest restrooms in the world (even at gas stations).

Quite a few people have asked me what my favourite part of the trip was and that’s a really difficult question to answer. I saw so many different things and so many different places and I loved them all. The best part was probably the fact that my 3 weeks seemed more like 3 months and that we managed to pack so many fantastic experiences into our time. Before I went to the USA I wasn’t particularly bothered about going, now that I’ve been I’d love to see more of it, especially of the countryside and the national parks. I’d also love to visit Yosemite, San Francisco and Las Vegas again, perhaps at a different time of year.

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