Rim Trail

Most of today was spent walking along the rim of the canyon. We walked along the side that’s closed to traffic which meant that it was bit quieter than the areas round the visitor centre.

This is where we started walking, just past Grand Canyon Village. We finished our walk 7.8 miles later at Hermit’s rest.

When we first got to the canyon it was really difficult to appreciate it because it’s so big, but as we walked along the edge we both began to appreciate a bit more of the canyon’s beauty as well as its size. Each of the layers of rock that you can see in the canyon were formed at different times and in different ways, I was keen to learn a bit more so we finished the day at the park by going to the Yavapai Observation Station where they had a geology exhibition. The canyon was formed by the Colorado river eroding the rock which is quite incredible when you think about it.

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