Sentinel Dome & Glacier Point

Sentinel Dome turned out to be a fantastic recommendation. About a mile’s walk from the road you get to a rocky dome from which you get views over the whole of the park and beyond. It’s a steep-ish climb up the back of the dome, but well worth the effort and it was amazing to see other rocks like the Half Dome, which we had been looking up at all day long yesterday, from a vantage point that was just as high. It was also very quiet on the dome, it’s clearly a little bit off the beaten track and there just weren’t many people up there at all.

After a good stop on the top of the dome, we climbed back down and stumbled on a family of deer, a mother and a couple of fawns. As it wasn’t too far to Glacier Point we decided that we would continue our walk. 

It was a little bit of a shock to get to Glacier Point as it was packed with people who had driven up there. Again, there were great views over the park and a little plaque to tell us that we were 7214 feet above sea level.

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