The Long Road to Yosemite

Time to pick up the hire car! The driving bit of this trip had been worrying me a little, I’ve never driven abroad before and never driven an automatic either. I’m also used to driving small cars and although we had booked a compact car, by the end of the day there weren’t any left and so we ended up with a huge Ford Fusion.

Mr M was a star and drove us out of the city, over the Bay Bridge and onto the interstate. Traffic coming out of the city was pretty bad, and the first 100 miles took much longer than they should have. I don’t think that we’d anticipated quite how busy it would be getting out of the city at the start of a holiday weekend!

Once we were on the freeway I took over the driving and, as it turns out, there was nothing to worry about. The car was great and the wrong side of the road issue turned out not to be an issue at all as you soon get used to it. All that’s just as well really, as I had plenty of other challenges to contend with. By the time that we got close to Yosemite the roads became really narrow, hilly and bendy with, I suspect, really steep drops down the side of them. It was also incredibly dark! Who says American roads are straight and flat?

I was also a little concerned that we might be lost as we were navigating using screenshots from google maps which I had taken on my iphone…

By the time that we reached Yosemite View Lodge we were both shattered and just had time for a quick slice of pizza before we hit the hay.

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