Fog City

To complete our very touristy day we took a trip to Alcatraz. I had booked tickets for the evening tour before I left the UK, so we grabbed some warmer clothes and headed back to the piers on the F-line again.

I’d read about San Francisco’s weird climate before we came and had expected it to be foggy and quite chilly, but so far the weather had been amazingly hot and sunny. However, SF decided that as we sailed out towards Alcatraz it would give us the appropriate atmosphere and the fog rolled in blocking out the sun, the warmth and our view of the city itself.

I hadn’t really been expecting much from the Alcatraz visit. Mr M had been keen to go, but I perhaps wouldn’t have bothered if I had been on my own. As it turned out, the evening Alcatraz tour was brilliant. Everyone has their own audio tour so it’s very quiet, with no-one talking and in the dark and the fog it was exceptionally atmospheric. It gave you a real sense of why people would want to escape the island badly enough to risk everything to get away. As part of the evening tour they open up the hospital wing upstairs and with no overhead light, just lamps, it is a truly frightening place…a chilling evening in more ways than one.

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