Cable cars

Lunchtime, and again we headed for the Boudin Bakery and their sourdough bread. Mr M had one of their famous clam chowders in a sourdough ‘bowl’ and I had a crab salad sandwich. It was fun to watch then baking the bread through the big glass windows at the bakery and lovely to sit in the sun and relax for a while.  

After that, we walked in the direction of the golden gate bridge, past the people sunbathing on a little strip of sand, and up to the end of the cable car line. We had decided that we would wait to get a tram and so we joined a fairly large queue. Each cable car is turned manually on a turning circle at the line end which gave us something fun to watch as we queued.

Once we were on the car we didn’t want to get back off, so we rode the entire length of the line back down to Market Street where we’d started our day. It was brilliant! They are the world’s slowest (9 mph) roller-coaster and they go up and down some of the steepest streets you’ve seen (as steep as Gardner Street in Glasgow!). We’d managed to get seats on the edge of the car, facing outwards and we got a great view. It made me feel about 7 years old and I loved it!

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