Street Cars and the Seaside

After a quick breakfast at the Boudin bakery we headed to the muni ticket office to get a day pass for the city’s transport system as both of us had been dying to use the cable cars (trams) and street cars (electric buses). In hindsight, we probably should have bought muni tickets at the very start of our stay in San Francisco as the public transport is very good and you can get good deals on multiple day tickets.

Our first journey was on the streetcar F-line which we took out to Fisherman’s Wharf. The streetcars remind me of old VW campers: with their bright colours and vintage feel they’re guaranteed to make you smile! The journey out to the wharf was really crowded, but we sat it out until we got to pier 39 and alighted for a bit of exploration. It’s strange to say, but pier 39 really reminded me of Brighton pier, only with added sea-lions and views of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. I think it was all of the souvenir shops and snack kiosks that did it!

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