Just behind the tea gardens is the de Young Memorial Museum, a massive copper-clad building which merited some more photography. The website for the museum says that: “The building’s dramatic copper facade is perforated and textured to replicate the impression made by light filtering through a tree canopy, creating an artistic abstraction on the exterior of the museum that resonates with the de Young’s tree-filled park setting. The building’s copper skin, chosen for its changeable quality through oxidation, will assume a rich patina over time that will blend gracefully with the surrounding natural environment.” It’s certainly an incredible building to look at and is surrounded by a lovely garden which housed statues, a busker and even a heron.

We then headed out in the direction of the hotel, stopping for a sandwich on the way. In Japantown we stopped at the peace pagoda and had a browse at the shops and restaurants in the mall. Which were full of Japanese ephemera and sushi restaurants.

Being easily suggestible, our outing had put us both in the mood for sushi, so after a quick drink and shower we went to Sanraku a local Japanese restaurant which had been recommended by one of the hotel receptionists. We had great meals of sushi, sashimi and teriyaki.

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