Golden gate park

We decided to explore San Fran on foot on our first day and we walked from our hotel near union square all the way out to Golden Gate park. It was a bit of a trek, but meant that we got to enjoy the glorious sunshine and see some bits of the city that we might not have done otherwise. Our first stop was city hall, closely followed by an organic market where we sat and ate berries in the sunshine.

Next we made our way towards Alamo Square and the Victorian ‘Painted Ladies’, a row of houses which face the square. In fact, one of the things that has struck me most so far about San Francisco are the fantastic buildings, lots of them have beautiful decoration on the exterior and I spent a lot of the walk oohing and aahing at them. Alamo square park also gave us out first glimpse of the Golden Gate bridge, just peaking out from behind the trees. It was really exciting as it’s such an iconic landmark.

Finally we ended up in Golden Gate Park. It was lovely to be in such a green and pleasant space as it was really hot and sunny today. My favourite part of what we saw were the Japanese tea gardens which are a haven of bonsai trees, water and koi carp. Although you have to pay to go into them, we loved wandering around exploring and Mr M took loads of photos of the beautiful Japanese Maples and pools. We also climbed over the rather steep and impressive bridge in this photo. After all of that we had some Jasmine tea and sweet rice-based snacks (savoury and sweet) which were really refreshing.

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