San Francisco 1

The flight from London to San Francisco was great, BA really look after you. Arriving in the US was simple too with no hassle at all at immigration, contrary to expectations! We managed to find the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) terminal and waited for a train. The sun was shining outside and the ride downtown was pretty straighforward. The only small issue was that we got off at what was (in retrospect) the wrong stop for our hotel and ended up dragging our cases up a pretty steep hill.

Despite having been awake for a really long time, we decided that the hotel room wasn’t where we wanted to be, so we headed out to find Union square and sat in the sunshine there for a while. A quick change of clothing and it was time to find some food so we wandered through Chinatown (where nothing really caught our eye) and headed out towards the piers and the Ferry Building. This was our saviour as there was a great fast food place called Gotts open and we had really lovely food (burgers, fries and coke – welcome to America) without having to make any significant effort at all. As the tiredness had well and truly kicked in by this point, it was just what we needed. I can’t wait to go back to the Ferry Building when all the market stalls are open.

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2 Responses to San Francisco 1

  1. K says:

    I *love* Gott’s. I’ve been to the one in the Ferry Building and the ones in Napa many times. Good memories!

    • Ali says:

      Yeah, we loved it too! Great food and we were so jetlagged when we went that we couldn’t have coped with anywhere that was more complicated. I loved the ferry building.

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